Nonprofits: Get The Tools You Need To Build Thriving Communities.

Greater Cleveland’s most vulnerable communities rely on organizations like yours. But without a strong foundation and practical strategy, your dedication and passion won’t make a lasting impact.

Too many nonprofit consultants deliver strategies that don’t lead to change. Your community deserves better than a feelgood platitude.

Rosa Consulting does more than create a plan and walk away. We ensure you have the tools to help you take action and produce sustainable results.

Diana Rosa

Your Strategy Should 
Generate Action.

Combining over 30 years of leadership experience with a passion for working with underserved communities, Rosa Consulting partners with nonprofits to turn visions into reality.

Our data-driven insights and clear action plans empower nonprofit leaders to implement strategies that produce long-term results. 

The Rosa Consulting Team Delivers:

  • Thorough evaluation of operations, funding, competitors, and more
  • Multi-year improvement and action strategy
  • Clear implementation plans and easy-to-understand tools to guide your organization
  • Key metrics for measuring the impact of your strategic plan

Don’t waste another day with your outdated strategy.

Our Services

Proven, proprietary tools and processes that deliver effective strategies tailored to your organization’s needs

Reach and Teach Strategic Planning

A hands-on approach toward an equitable and cost-effective plan that empowers the nonprofit to achieve lasting success.

Strategic Planning Readiness Assessment

In-depth organizational analysis to determine the organization’s readiness for a strategic plan.

Community Engagement

A process in which Rosa Consulting leads community engagement efforts, such as focus groups, interviews, or research.

Training and Staff Development

Training in specific areas that support strategic thinking, strategic planning tools, DEI, culture, change management, and other topics.

Reach and Teach Foundational Trainings

One-day group approach to discover and assess the sustainability of participating nonprofits. This engaging experience produces actionable, foundational strategies.

A Few of Our Partners

Organizations making a larger impact with Rosa Consulting’s guidance

What Our Partners Say

Reflections from passionate nonprofit leaders


Experienced professionals dedicated to your organization’s success

DIana Rosa

Diana Rosa, MS

President and Founder


Karen Estella Smith, BA

Senior Consultant

Tinika Smith

Tinika Smith, MS

Operations Manager
Antunesia Harris

Antunesia Harris, BS, BSN

Community Engagement Consultant

Terrie Carter

Dr. Terrie Carter, Ph.D., PMP, PSM

Senior Consultant

Carly Hill

Carly Hill, MEd, MNO

Senior Consultant

DIana Rosa

Roszella McCoy-Parrish

Senior Consultant

Carly Hill

Linda Crowell, Ph.D., MSSA

Senior Consultant
Tinika Smith

Sonia Daniels, PhD

Senior Consultant

Candes Carter, MPA

Senior Consultant


Core Beliefs

The principles that guide our work



To reach and teach non-profits, providing them with tools and strategies for making lasting impact in our most vulnerable communities



A world where all communities are thriving, and equity is the norm



Growth Mindset

We expand and help others expand beyond limitations to achieve the impossible.


We celebrate and support people to show up as their authentic selves.


We say what we mean and do what we say.

Psychological Safety

We co-create spaces where people can be vulnerable, brave, bold, and innovative.


We seek to understand each person we encounter, listen to what others say, and value diversity of thought and opinion.